How Katharine Hepburn Became a Fashion Icon via Smithsonian

Costume from "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"

1967 movie “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”


Costumes played an essential role in fashioning the Hepburn “look,” and it turns out that—like everything else that mattered to her—Hepburn was vigorously involved in all aspects of her clothes. “One does not design for Miss Hepburn,” the Oscar-winning costume designer Edith Head once said. “One designs with her. She’s a real professional, and she has very definite feelings about what things are right for her, whether it has to do with costumes, scripts, or her entire lifestyle.” She wore clothes that allowed her to move freely; offscreen, she favored a sportswear look that reflected her innate athleticism.

From the stage production of “The Philadelphia Story”


Costume from “Adam’s Rib”  1949

Celebrate the Hollywood star with a look at her stellar costumes

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