flora in Neon

My photographs of spring flowers with special effects modifications and Neon art.

With Magic Neon Art

Neon Flora by OAK

Tulip Trio

Neon Tulip Trio by OAK

Motion HDR2 Neon

Spring Neon by OAK


Mirror Neon Tulip by OAK

2 thoughts on “flora in Neon

    1. I’m glad they caught your eye!!! Just last fall, I began taking pictures at a local nature preserve and I’ve kept going ever since. Back in April I took pictures of various flowers blooming outside the old farmhouse here and they turned out very nicely. I then started experimenting with running them through editing apps and I really enjoy it – all the trial and error and learning “on the fly”.
      Thanks again for your positive remark and feel free to comment on any I post in the future. Have a good week! Regards, Ken

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