OMG! TGIF!!! WTF? S T F U!!!

T G I F !!!  – Thank God It’s Friday !!!  Over the past 30 years, T G I F from GIPHYa phrase I’ve heard from co-workers and peers more often than I can count.

It seems a majority of us live for the weekends.  I do the same when work and home is busy, busy, busy.

We should be living for and appreciating every day.  (Now I will STFU)



OMG! – Oh My Goodness! or Oh My God!


Parker Posey from (Luv Her!)








WTF? – Where’s The Food?  or  What the F*ck?   WTF (Where’s The Food) is a way to warn those who know me that I’m hungry and cranky.

Benny Hill WTF
Benny Hill – Hilarious!

WTF (What The F*ck) is my first response to ridiculous, unbelievable information.  Or unrealistic expectations from work, friends, family or loved ones.

S T F U!!!  – Shut The F*ck Up!!!  the response when a person or person(s) repeat any information and talking points vomited by the fact-free, right wing propaganda machines.  Those “conservative” entities have become purveyors of deceit who employ professional blamers, whiners, bigots and false prophets such as:  Fox News, Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, Conway, Breitbart, Liberty University, and others ad nauseum.  These liars and conspiracy mongers will say anything to get attention, generate ratings and increase social media followers.  Every syllable of every word they say or publish should be met with continuous S T F U!!!  Obstinate deniers of reality who intentionally mislead millions of Americans to make money and grab the spotlight.  They, along with their political and corporate masters from the Top 2%, have cursed and contaminated the United States – turning neighbors and families against one another in their blind pursuit of selfish, greedy, amoral objectives.  Their poisonous words, devious methods and unethical tactics should be despised as a betrayal to all Americans and the United States.

They only deserve continuous SHUT THE F*CK UP !!!

Lady Gaga STFU

SHUT THE F*CK UP !!  to people who use derogatory terms directed at the LGBTQ community, make wild accusations and use negative stereotypes that result in continued bullying, violence, bigotry, and discrimination.   Unwarranted negative comments, criticisms or abusive language directed at me or loved ones is automatically met with a very loud SHUT THE F*CK UP !!


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