OAK Media Perspective: It seems the one thing scientists have been wrong about so far is HOW QUICKLY CLIMATE CHANGE is happening. We hear words like “much faster than predicted” and “overwhelmingly rapid” as more is reported from around the globe. Drastic changes in the Arctic Ocean that weren’t EXPECTED UNTIL THE END OF THE CENTURY ARE HAPPENING NOW.  Climate change processes are occurring exponentially and it seems we’re already at the point of no return.  The consequences of humanity’s destruction of the Earth’s delicate balances are – or will be very soon – rolling right up on all of us.

A region in the Arctic Ocean is undergoing a historic identity crisis.

Previously, simulations had suggested that conditions in the northern Barents Sea will be indistinguishable from the Atlantic by the end of the century. But this study’s findings suggest that the sea’s “Atlantification” is likely to come much sooner, the scientists reported.

livescience.com: Historic Shift Means An Arctic Ocean Region Could Become Part of the Atlantic