About Me & OAKObsessions

Photo of lilies by the farmhouse with Painnt effects

My blog is a reflection of what I like, what I’m preoccupied with at times, and a mix of media and topics.   I find images and visuals very important in my interactions with the world.  Music is part of my every day life and I listen to a variety of genres.  A sense of humor about myself, and life in general, helps preserve my sanity.   My posts are about anything and everything  (except politics and government – those are topics for other places other times).

Clock vectors with photo app effects


I’m a gay man in his late 50’s whose life, like most people’s, has been wonderful and tragic.  Family, friends, my Partner and my Dog (my Bestest Buddy) make life enjoyable.

Follow my blog – I like the company.  And please take a few moments to join the conversation by sharing your thoughts and comments – I value feedback and fresh perspective.

Thanks for your visit and I sincerely hope you come back soon.

Best Wishes,


(Featured Image at top was created from one of my selfies with overlays, enhancements and effects from photo apps)

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